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On the trail to North Fork....

The trail was long and Chuck Connors made a few stops before he reached North Fork. Along with his roles in movies, he also made numerous television appearances. These include "The Adventures Of Superman"(in which he played a man who coincidentally had the name Sylvester J. Superman), "Crossroads"(a weekly religious program in which he portrayed Philadelphia Athletics pitcher, Lou Brissie), "The Millionaire", "G.E. Theater", "Restless Gun"(with John Payne), "Tales Of Wells Fargo", and "Wagon Train". His apprenticeship roles would soon open the pathway to stardom in the portrayal of Lucas McCain, The Rifleman, which was originally telecast in 1958 as "The Sharpshooter", on "Zane Grey Theater", which was hosted by Dick Powell. Connors had now found a home on ABC Television for the next five years and "The Rifleman" will forever remain a classic representation of one of the finest television westerns of the era.

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