Patricia Blair

Patricia Blair was born in 1938. Her television work included "Richard Diamond, Private Detective" in 1959, "Perry Mason" in 1963, and "Temple Houston" in 1964. Her role as Lou Mallory(new owner of the hotel) was introduced on "The Rifleman" in 1962. She replaced Joan Taylor(Millie) who had left the show to raise her children. Patricia Blair was a stunning redhead and quickly became Lucas' new beautiful, but hot-tempered Irish love interest. Although a shrewd business woman with goals of buying much of the town, her experiences taught her what it meant to have friends and she soon softened. A year later, after "The Rifleman" ended, she portrayed another love interest, that of Rebecca Boone, the wife of Fess Parker on television's "Daniel Boone". Miss Blair once reflected on Chuck Connors, "He was quite remarkable".

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