The McCain Family Photo Album

Chuck Connors said, "The Western is an escape from reality and you have to accept certain things in them. A Western may excite or bore you, but it's always relaxing. There's a value in that." This page contains some rare photos of one of the greatest western television heroes of a long, lost era.

A Chuck Connors autographed photo

Another Chuck Connors autographed photo

A Chuck Connors autographed photo with Johnny Crawford

Connors sitting tall in the saddle

Lucas' son, Mark McCain, played by Johnny Crawford (former member of Mickey Mouse Club & teenage recording star)

Marshal Micah Torrance, played by veteran movie & tv actor, Paul Fix (died Oct. 14, 1983)

The stars celebrate a birthday on the set of "The Rifleman"

Connors with first wife, Betty, and his four sons in 1960

Another photo of Chuck and his family, taken in 1960

Chuck with his ex-model wife, Betty

Guns and rifles from famous tv westerns, including the 1892 Winchester with the big ring lever that Connors had custom made so he could twirl the rifle like a six-shooter

A photo of Chuck from "Arrest and Trial" which aired 1963-64

A photo of Chuck as Jason McCord from the tv series "Branded"

Another photo of Chuck from "Branded"

Penny arcade postcard of Connors & Crawford

Photo of Connors & Crawford taken in 1983

The rifle showing trip lever mechanism for rapid fire

A photo of Chuck and his horse

Cover photo of New York News magazine from Jan. 3, 1960

Johnny, Chuck, and the Rifle

Johnny Crawford became a teen singing star in 1962 with three songs in the Top 20

The Legend's gravesite

Chuck Connors and baseball great Duke Snider*

Often seen father/son relationship on the show*

Connors with on and offscreen friend, Paul Fix*

Chuck Connors as Chuck Connors


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