Hope Summers

Hope Summers is among those character actresses who was recognized frequently by face, but not by name. Although remembered more for her television work, she appeared in movies such as "Edge Of Eternity", "Inherit The Wind", "Parrish", "Spencer's Mountain", "The Ghost And Mr. Chicken", "Rosemary's Baby", and "Foul Play". Her television appearances include "Gunsmoke", "Maverick", "The Untouchables", "The Dick Van Dyke", "Bewitched", and as a semi-regular as Aunt Bee's closest friend, Clara Edwards on "The Andy Griffith Show". She played Hattie Denton, the general store owner on "The Rifleman" and was often called upon to watch Mark McCain when Lucas had to track down a villain. Mark never seemed to put up any resistance, maybe because in many of Hattie Denton's appearances she could be seen reaching into the candy jar for a certain surprise for Mark. One of her more lengthy appearances is in an episode titled "The Challenge" in which three convicts hold up the general store and take both Hattie and Marshal Micah Torrance hostage. Throughout her movie and television appearances, Hope Summers always seemed to look very much the same, almost timeless, never changing or aging. The actress passed away June 22, 1979.

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