Rhys Williams

Rhys Williams was born in Wales in 1897. He never lost the Welsh lilt in his voice despite being in America since boyhood. He was a stage player untill going to Hollywood in 1941 to work as a dialogue coach and technical advisor on "How Green Was My Valley". Director John Ford asked him to play a role in the film. He remained in Hollywood for the remainder of his career, playing preachers, doctors, and other anxious looking professional men. His other movie credits include "Mrs. Miniver", "The Bells Of St. Mary's", "The Farmer's Daughter", "There's No Business Like Show Business", "Battle Cry", "Our Man Flint", and "The Sons Of Katie Elder". His television work includes "The Adventures Of Superman", "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "Wagon Train", "Perry Mason", "Wanted: Dead Or Alive", and "The Wild, Wild West". He succeeded Edgar Buchanan as Doc Burrage on "The Rifleman" from 1959-60. Although his role seemed limited to patching up an occasional villain's gunshot wound, one episode that stood out was titled "Blood Brothers". Lucas brings a wounded man into town and Micah Torrance's odd behavior toward the man suprises McCain. Micah turns to the "bottle" and throws down his badge. He later confides to Lucas that the man had years before been responsible for the death of his wife. The man repays his debt to Micah just before he passes away. Rhys Williams continued acting into the mid 1960s. He died in 1969.

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